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Professional Quality Template Set for making your Telecaster type Electric Guitar.

This set includes the front and back templates, the front features the extended neck that supports your router when making this cut.   ALSO included is a full size blueprint that has all the dimensions and other details you need.   The augment the details engraved onto the templates, there is just a lot of information that I couldn't fit any other way.   Some people are selling just the blueprints for the same price as my entire kit.

Made from 3/8 particle board which is the optimum thickness for use with a router.   Thinner and you don't have much if any depth adjustment or strength, thicker and the bit gets too far away from the router itself which can make it hard to handle.   (Note that we can make these thinner or thicker by request)

These are produced on high end CNC router and then the guidelines and the very critical CENTER|LINE is engraved directly onto the wood.   Without the center-line it becomes a guessing game to match the front and back up exactly.

Check out the numerous video's on you tube for details on what I am talking about.   Search on Fletcher Stratocaster Guitar Build (Note that this is not my video, so this is allowed via EBay Policy) Note that listing includes the outer boards,  they are not really needed but some people like them.    See my other listings for this same set, w/o the outer boards.   Also see my other listings for various other template sets, all with my 100% money back guarantee.

I do my best to keep shipping as low cost as possible.  I am not Amazon,  I have to pay the same price to ship something that you do.   I am just a mom and pop shop located in Eastern Oregon.   If for any reason you are not happy, let me know.   Also, if the template somehow gets broken by the post office, we will ship you a new one immeiatly,  I only ask that you provide a picture of the broken parts so I can file a claim with USPS.

Telecaster Guitar Template

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